Friday, February 16, 2007

The Animation Show

Finally got to check Joanna Quinns exquisite "Dreams and Desires" . Just Wow.
Her Lucien Freud bulked fiqures quiver with life and personality. Oh I just love her
caricatures! Every frame is just felt. You might know her work in the states by
the Charmins commercials with a lovable bear squeezing toilet paper. Just charming. She
can sell anything with her animation chops. There 's a link with a interview on the
animation shows website
check it out!

Thursday Gestures

Recovering from virus thats going around. We waited for the model to show up.
It's pretty annoying when the model doesn't keep their time.
Aarghhh at least I caught
the Animation Show. If it comes to your local theater catch it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Thursday Gestures

We had Keith posing as a heartbroken cowboy. I didn't come up with anything so
I stole an idea from my friend Tim. It the cowboy lamenting over his horse.
Tim is an incredible storyteller. He consistently comes up with entire story plots done in comic strip form incorporating the models poses. Check out all his mad skills including his record breaking cathead films at