Friday, June 23, 2006

Brian Is Hot and so is Phil

Anna ordered a used bible for a penny through Amazon and to
my delight I found scribbles between the front and back flaps that took me back
to the stone age. I thought of my best friends in elementary, middle and high school.
"Friends for ever" must been for girls because we called each other pally wally's.
"We'll always be pally wally's!" we shouted moving on to middle school.
Sadly we only met only once after college. I remembered he was into making
explosives so maybe it was a good thing.haha. Oh, the mischief this guy dragged me into.
I'm sure all you guys and gals have that special first pal. So this one is dedicated to
Mario Russo my first Pally Wally! Brian and Phil are damn lucky.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Saw cars over the weekend. My friend and I both
enjoyed the film for its heart and Paul Newmans voice.
I thought the animation was just amazing as usual.
I didn't really connect with the other "cars" in Radiator Springs though.
Their characters seemed flat and except for the VW Bus and Jeep I don't know
why they are in the picture or why we should care. The characters were stereotypes
that we've seen and joked about since forever which makes them very cliche. I wish they had
more personality. I much preferred the cartoonedversions of the cheering RV's. The Big guy with the little nose was hilarious.
I think the main reason I got pulled out from time to time is I kept wondering what are the
rules in this world. There are car bugs and car cows but they look just like the everyone else.
Spoiler Here............Its like if we said lets go cowtipping and suddenly we see grandpa snoozing away. WAIT we cant Tip Grandpa. It's Cruel! To be fair my other friends didn't mind it very
much. Oh well to each their own. All I know is The formula at Pixar is tight! Take any object
and put it in their story structure. Man it works on anything. Try it it's good eatin'!